Full Stack Web App Developer

25+ years of experience in professional software development, hundreds of projects successfully completed

Expensive. Fast. Awesome.

How I can help you

I can do everything related to web:

  • Architect High Availability and Scalable systems
  • Build iOS and Android applications with cloud-enabled backend
  • Upgrade your legacy systems to a modern web-based applications
  • Build Internet web-services
  • Web-applications backend development
  • Relational Databases - design, administration, optimizations

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I am using wide-range of technologies - from latest hot trends to old proven.

  • Frontend: HTML5, CSS 1-3, Twitter Bootrstrap 2-4, Javascript, jQuery, Vue.js
  • Backend: PHP, Perl, Classic ASP, ASP.NET (VB, C#)
  • Data storage: MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, MS Access, Sphinx, Memcached
  • Web servers: Nginx, Apache, IIS under Windows and Linux
  • Tools: Visual Studio, Xcode, Sublime Text, SVN, Git
  • Other: Amazon AWS (EC2, S3, ...), Phonegap


  • TopCoder on RentACoder.com, ranked 50 place out of 200.000 coders with Excellent reputation (10/10)
  • Top 1% PHP Coder on Elance.com
  • Top 5% PHP Coder on Elance.com
  • Top 10% Perl Coder on Elance.com
  • Author of the popular open source utility phpMiniAdmin for MySQL

Also there are some of my open-source projects and public services:


I completed tons of commercial projects building custom software solutions in areas:

  • CRM and ERP
  • Warehouse management
  • Task and Project management
  • Time management
  • Email processing and serices
  • Feedback and Survey software
  • Web portals
  • Membership databases
  • Simple and complex websites with CMS
  • Real Estate management
  • Social networks
  • Search engines
  • Document manamgement
  • Bank card processing
  • Healthcare patient tracking/management systems
  • Big Data processing


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